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Optimize your pet’s check-in experience by conveniently pre-filling their essentialdetails online ahead of your visit. While our clinic warmly welcomes walk-ins, ourtriage system ensures swift attention to urgent cases. It’s crucial to understand thatpre-filling information doesn’t secure an appointment but expedites check-in uponarrival. As we prioritize urgent, life-threatening cases first, specific consultation timescannot be guaranteed. Patients in stable condition may experience longer wait times.

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Additionally, please note that any pet in the triage system will be in the designated triage area, awaiting a doctor's exam. While waiting, our nursing staff diligently checks on patients every hour to note any changes in their condition. This proactive approach may lead to adjustments in the triage order, ensuring that we address evolving needs promptly. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience as we prioritize the well-being of every furry friend entrusted to our care.
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